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Love at the Bar

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I've been in enough failed relationships to know that I DO NOT want another rat, roach, monkey, or clown to love.

The circus has left town and I'm no longer dumpster diving for love.

I CANNOT mentally afford to accept what I did in the past.

I've learned my lesson. Finally. And I cannot go backwards.

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who has come to this conclusion. So, I created something awesome to help people like me love smarter the next go-round.

It's called The Dating Application. It can be used two ways: ask yourself or your partner the questions inside. It's a great conversation starter. This is the Rolls Royce and Harvard of applications. We fill out apps for Government assistance, school, work, loans, insurance, etc. But, there's really no application that assists us with protecting our hearts. But, this is the gap filler that: 

• Help people love smarter before saying I do, when dating for real and after the honeymoon phase fades

• Build healthy partnerships with improved communication

•  Increase comfortability asking questions in relationships

• Expose red flags that hinder romance


(This is a digital copy. Email the bartender at if you prefer a paperback copy.)