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Book the Bartender

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A bunch of y'all come to me wanting help with writing a book because I'm a qualified, publishing expert. And YOU got at least 1 book in you!


So, I've rearranged my schedule and created something brand spanking new just for y'all. 


I'm sitting at the bar. Waiting on you. I got my cellular device in my hand and I'm ready to work one-on-one with you to help you get your book done.


You get one 45 minute call with the bartender. You will receive the exact steps needed to start the book, finish, publish it, and profit. You will not be disappointed or confused afterwards.


So, grab your Michael Kors purse and Gucci wallet. Add me to your cart. Pay me. Enter a working email and phone. Then let's work together to get you to the published line.