The Bartender

Self-Published Author and Entrepreneur, Celia Washington, is powerful beyond measure and sometimes she doesn't even know it. (Thank God for his marvelous work!) She's a force in person and on paper. It gets even better because she's also the beauty, brains, and bang beind The Letter Bar brand. She traded in her raggedy desk job to become the head bartender at this new, state-of-the-art virtual bar.  She helps others say what needs to be said in a non-traditional manner with batches of vowels and consonants that make your eyes and ears do the funky wa-toosie! She is a content creating hustler who can teach you how to write a book with spunk and funk. Celia is a professional when it comes to putting stank on it! The Letter Bar baby is here to serve hot plates of her sassy-ness and expertise. Pull up a seat, get ready to eat and be fed piles of words in many different flavors. Welcome to The Letter Bar.