Bar Rules

A. No fighting. Use your words!!!

B. All sales are final. No refunds. But! You won't need one anyway because you'll be severely satisfied. 

C. The Letter Bar doesn't tolerate scammers who go around buying greatness, using it up, then scheming to get a refund. Keep your broke ass outta the bar!

D. Our writing services are hand delivered to your email. So, enter a working email and phone number at checkout.

E. Paperback books are shipped economy and delivered slowly by the United States Postal Service (USPS). 

F. Due to high demand, one-on-one calls don't go one second over 45 minutes and are only available on weekdays (Eastern standard time). The last call for alcohol is no later than 5PM. 

G. The Letter Bar did not come to play with you heaux. We came to slay the alphabet. So, do not interrupt our grind if you aren't serious about yours. 

H. We aim to please with Chick-Fil-A like customer service, so email with your questions, compliments, and feedback.

Thank You!