Meet the Bartender

I think your letter writing services is amazing. Straight to the point. Never leave room for any kind of questioning. It's also comforting to know that your services are direct. Time management is definitely what you produce. I really appreciate your services. Thank you.

Kimberly Kimtastic Knight

I recommend Celia for her professionalism and the way she makes those words flow! 

Lotanae Macon of

What an angel God has blessed me with. When it comes to help and clear communication, this woman supersedes all! She's simply amazing, talented, gifted and most importantly authentic. Looking to become an author, she's the best in the game. Thank you sooo much Celia Washington for being such a kind, generous woman and new friend.

Tiera Charles | Author of The Ill Hustler

I've been married to my husband 20+ years and learned things about him that I didn't know after reading The Dating Application. 

Alexis | Proofreader

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Gellie Rembert